After-Sales Services

After our products, including the paper making plant and pulp molding system have been sold, we will offer installation guidance service for individual equipment via phone or email. If required, we will also appoint one or several engineers to visit customer locations to implement equipment debugging and operator training, with the cost borne by the customer.

Our warranty lasts for 12 months, starting from the day when the machine arrives at the customer's factory, and the period of validity will not exceed 13 months from the delivery date. If the paper machine or stock preparation equipment does not work normally while under warranty, and the fault is the result of us our technology, we will offer replacement parts or appoint engineers to work out the problems.

If the problem occurs from customer's incorrect operations, we can also send engineers to conduct on-site maintenance if required. However, the cost will be covered by the customer. Huaxia has numerous spare parts and quick wear parts in stock, allowing us to easily meet customer needs for them quickly.

We will carry out quick analysis of user problems and feedback, and then improve and upgrade our products accordingly. We also offer long term technical support, and create a file for users to provide better service.

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