Sections and Classifications of Paper Machine

Paper Machine Purpose
Paper machines, including the foudrinier machine are used to take qualified paper pulp and turn it into dry paper with a certain dryness and quality in different sections, including a headbox, forming section, press section, drying section, calender section, winding section and auxiliary system.

Sections of the Paper Machine
1. Headbox/Fan Pump

Function: Paper stock pumping, uniform pulp distribution
Parts: pulp feeding pipe, headbox

2. Forming Section
Function: forming wet paper webs, dewatering
Parts: Breast roll, forming table, table roll, vacuum suction box, couch roll, correction device, wire cleaning device

3. Press Section
Function: Paper dewatering, improve paper quality
Parts: pickup roll, press roll, tight roll

4. Dryer Section
Function: dry the paper sheet, improve paper quality
Parts: dry cylinder, doctor blade, air supply system

5. Calender Section

6. Paper Winding Section

7. Auxiliary System

Sizing press, coating device, corrugation device, slitter, vacuum system, pressure system, lubrication system, paper pickup device, steam system, air draft system, drive system, test system, control system

Classifications of the Paper Machine
Along with the development of the paper industry, the main sections of the auxiliary system of the paper machine come in different forms and specifications. The form and specification of each section is determined according to the pulp type, end paper variety and output requirements. If the form is different, the structure will not be the same, thus performing different paper machines.

In engineering, the paper machinery is often classified on the basis of form, structure, and characteristics of forming and dryer sections. In addition, it also has second and third grade classifications.

The second grade classification depends on the special device equipped on the paper machines with the same basic category, such as thenewsprint paper machinery and writing paper machine. The third classification is based on the machine's working speed.

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