R&D and Production

R&D Team
Huaxia currently employs more than 150 people. 20% of them are engineers and technicians, the majority of whom have a bachelor's degree or higher, or senior and medium grade professional titles. In the technical section, we have a number of experienced and skilled designers who continuously follow current events and development trends both in China and around the world. All technicians have extensive knowledge and practical experience in the design and manufacturing of paper machinery and pulp molding machinery.


R&D Center
Our goal is to offer our customers a complete set of paper production line machinery, and help them establish an ideal, digitalized factory. To do this, we have built a best in class CAXA design center, PDM system and state of the art PTC 3D design software. We are also equipped with different test equipment, including a micrometer, dial indicator, frame style gradienter, pressure pump, pressure gauge, BH tester, and dynamic balance detector.

Office Room

As a paper equipment specialist and pulp molder manufacturer, we have modern workshops covering a total area of 20,000 square meters, and include the machining, assembly, test and quality inspection workshops. We have equipment for large, precise and professional machining and testing equipment. We have equipped our factories with large processing equipment to ensure accuracy, including a CNC machine, horizontal machine tool, and gantry milling machine.

  • CNC Machine
  • Horizontal Machining Tool
  • Gantry Planning Machine
  • Gantry Milling Machine

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