Our Advantages

Technological Advantages
Huaxia has applies state of the art mechatronics technology, servo control technology, energy saving technology and current design concepts to design our paper production lines. Our products, including papermaking machines, pulping equipment, and pulp molding machines are all designed and built independently, including the main machine, control system, hardware, software, automatic control and intelligent management.

Production Line

Backed by 30 years of technological innovation and product design optimization, each of our products comes with a strong mechanical structure, an optimized system configuration, and achieve designs in mechanical-electrical integration, modularization, standardization, reliability, compatibility, as well as use and maintenance convenience. They are known for their functionality, advanced performance, high efficiency and full automation.

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Quality Advantages
To produce machines and equipment with high technology, high performance and high quality for the pulp and paper industry is Huaxia's goal and pursuit. To achieve this, we pay attention to three specific aspects:
1. First, we ensure the quality of each component. The mechanical parts on our paper machinery are all made from high quality material, with strict heat treatments and surface treatments, as well as a high precision machining and assembly. The control systems are composed of high performance touch screens, PLC, frequency converters, servo controllers, servo motors and sensors from Siemens, Schneider, Kinco, SICK, Mitsubishi, and other internationally known automatic companies from around the world. The pneumatic system is comprised of a reliable and durable air cylinder, electromagnetic valve, pressure regulating valve and outer components supplies by other well-known companies, such as the Taiwanese Mindman.

2. Secondly, we carry out rigorous, standard and professional product design. Huaxia has strict standards in regards to product design and wants to ensure each product is perfect. We will never ignore even the smallest detail that will affect product quality.

3. Third, we have established a strict quality control system. Huaxia is CE certified, and has built a complete, standard and strict QC system that covers all aspects, from purchasing to machining, assembly, test, quality inspection, delivery, on-site installation and trial runs.

Cost Advantages
Huaxia effectively controls the manufacturing costs of our products through design optimization and production improvements, while still ensuring the high product quality. Products supplied to our customers come with a great cost performance.

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1. Design optimization reduces cost
Cost reduction through technological innovation and product design optimization is the most direct and efficient method. During the design stage, Huaxia takes accounts of the manufacturing cost control, service cost control, usage, and maintenance cost control and upgrading cost control. We carry out optimized design on the main machine of each paper making system, from structure to transmission, strengthening that which needs it, in order to guarantee the intensity, precision, stability and service life, and simplifying different areas to save materials and reduce manufacturing and maintenance costs.

Our products come with excellent mechanical electrical integration designs, achieving the best matching in inertia, force momentum, speed and accuracy. An optimized control system configuration and electromechanical integration allows the paper machinery to carry out more functions, at a higher performance, and higher quality, with a minimum cost.


2. Product standardization and batch production reduce cost
Standardized products and batch production improves the production efficiency and product quality while significantly reducing the manufacturing cost. Each of our products has a mechanical/electrical integration design, modularization design, standardization design and serialization design, which lays the foundation for a standardized and mass production.

Huaxia employs a talented design engineer team, and more than 20,000 square meters of workshops, and a complete set of large, precise, and professional processing and testing equipment. We have established a long term cooperative relationship with a number of world leading suppliers. This has significantly improved our production efficiency, enhanced product quality and reduced manufacturing costs.


Service Advantages
From the beginning, we have provided our customers with premium and efficient services. As we are customer oriented, we offer comprehensive and considerate service. To do so, we create the most valuable and quality product for our customers. We offer complete services to customers with the promise of high quality.

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