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Founded in 1982, Qinyang City Huaxia Paper Making Machinery Co., Ltd. has always striven to meet and exceed customer expectations and continue to update and improve upon their existing papermaking equipment and pulp molding machines. With more than 30 years of experience, we have become one of China's leading producers and developers of paper making and pulp molding machines. We have an extensive product line to meet various customer needs, and produce paper machines for printing and writing paper, household paper, packaging paper, and specialty paper. We also manufacture pulp molders for egg trays, fruit trays, disposable tableware, and industry packages. Our product line includes a number of models of cylinder mold fourdriner paper machines, including the 1575, 1760, 1880, 2400, 2800, 3600, and 4200. We also supply single face, 4 face, 8 face, and 12 face pulp molding plants.

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Having grown from a small production workshop in 1982 to today's large and modern facility, our production capacity is consistently growing and we have updated our previous line shaft drive to the current AC variable frequency drive. We have sold more than 2,000 sets of paper making machinery to customers in China and around the world in more than 30 countries, including the Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Angola, Mauritius, South Africa, Libya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Columbia and more.

We have more than 150 talented employees, 20% of whom are engineers and technicians that have earned at least a bachelor's degree or a related senior or medium grade professional title. In the technical department, each technician has vast theoretical and practical experience in the design and manufacturing of paper machinery and pulp molding machines.

Technical Discussion

Huaxia Business
1. Fully Automatic Paper Production Line

Huaxia manufactures fully automatic paper production lines and offers each piece of equipment individually as well. We offer a complete set of fourdrinier and cylinder mold paper machines, including paper machines for corrugated paper, household paper, Kraft paper, printing and writing paper, packaging paper, and specialty paper. We also supply a complete set of pulp machinery, including high consistency hydrapulpers, fiber separators, pressure screens, high efficiency refiners, low and high density cleaners, high speed washers, disc thickeners, and reject sorters, as well as fully automatic paper rewinders, paper cutters, slitters and more.

2. Pulp Molding Machine
Huaxia also offers a complete set of pulp molding production lines. The molding drum comes in singe face, four face, eight face and twelve faces. Our pulp molding machines can produce a variety of trays, divided into 6 categories:

1) For Eggs: Chicken egg trays, duck egg trays, quail egg trays, ostrich egg trays and gift boxes for various trays.
Specifications: 6 eggs (cover available), 8 eggs (cover available), 10 eggs (cover available), 12 eggs, 20 eggs, 25 eggs, 30 eggs, 42 eggs, 45 eggs.

2) For Fruit: Apple trays, pear trays, kiwi berry trays, mango trays, persimmon trays

3) For Industry: Mobile phone trays, electronic part trays, wine trays, medicine trays, shoe trays, solar tube trays, medical sanitary ware (disposable urinal and bed pan) and all kinds of industrial inner packages.

4) For Decoration: 3D wall paper, large size stereograph

5) For Agriculture: Rice seedling cultivating bowls, watermelon seedling cultivating trays, flower pots.

6) Others: Gold bars, livestock, televisions, buildings, cars, decorative crafts, targets for military training.

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