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Pulp Molding Machine (for Disposable Tableware)

Huaxia is an excellent choice when it comes to choosing a pulp molding machine for manufacturing disposable tableware. This is a competitive and efficientdisposable tableware production line, which can produce economically friendly tableware through pulping, wet molding, and drying, hot pressing, sizing and shaping processes. The end products made using this packaging machinery integrate both beauty and practicality.

Process Diagram

(1) Raw materials: virgin pulp or plant fiber
(2) Tap water
(3) Hydrapulper
(4) High consistency pulp pump
(5) Pulp thickener
(6) Pulp chest
(7) Pulp pump
(8) Sand and impurity removal system
(9) Double disc refiner
(10) Waterproof agent, Oil-proof agent
(11) Pulp mixing chest
(12) Pulp storage chest

(13) pulp supply pump
(14) Circulation water tank
(15) Light impurity separator
(16) High pulp chest
(17) Forming, qualitative, trimming
(18) Rotary screw air compressor
(19) Water ring vacuum pump
(20) Finished product
(21) Test
(22) Counting
(23) Packaging
(24) Encasing

Advantages of Disposable Tableware
1. The disposable tableware made using this pulp molding machine are made to superior quality, high strength, high whiteness, easy storage and easy transportation.
2. The feature an appealing appearance, compression, and wear resistance, smooth surface, and a great water and oil resistance. After they are processed, they can resist a higher oil temperature. In addition, they are adaptable to both cold storage and microwave oven heating.
3. The tableware uses a wide variety of raw materials, including bagasse pulp, bamboo pulp, reed pulp and wood pulp. These materials are all non-toxic, and meet international standards for packaging materials.
4. The eco-friendly tableware produced by Huaxia's pulp molding machines are available in a variety of shapes, including bowls, boxes, cups, plates and more.

Drying System of the Pulp Molding Machine
The drying system of our disposable tableware making machine uses a conduction oil boiler to dry the wet molded pulp. It is equipped with a perfect run control and safety monitoring devices, which delivers low pressure, high temperatures, high security, and energy efficiency. It comes with either a French or Italian brand burner, and uses LPG, gas or diesel for fuel. In addition, an automatic control cabinet is installed on the machine.

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