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Pulp Molding Machine

, HX6000 Series
At Huaxia, we offer a variety of pulp molding machines. The HX6000 series versatile pulp molding machine can produce up to 6,000 egg trays per hour. The output of cup trays, fruit trays, and industrial packages in an hour is based on specific sizes.

The pulp molding system is an enhanced machine developed based on the HX3000 series. It comes with a rotary molding drum that has 12 faces, and the working principle is very similar to that of the octahedral type, with the only exception being the operating angle is 30º.

The pulp molding machine is designed with a new 12 face intermittent drive mechanism, which enables a smaller operating angle than eight faces, and makes the machine more stable. In addition, the rotary pulp molding plant offers a high operating speed, high safety and reliability, a long service life, and a low maintenance cost.

Features of the Pulp Molding Machine
1. End Product Quality

The design of the rotary molding drum with 12 faces ensures a lower water content in the wet pulp molded products before they enter the drying system. This ensures a higher drying efficiency, more thorough water removal, less deformation, and a more effective product.

2. Machine Speed
During high speed operation, the impact drive mechanism will be reduced. This will effectively improve the machine speed and keep it steady.

3. Design Concept
This pulp molding machine is manufactured in strict accordance with European and American design concepts. Form material selection to machining, heat treatment, assembly and testing, we enforce strict quality control, ensuring the machine precision and service life.


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