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    1. Refiner, 250 Type 330 TypeHuaxia's 250 and 330 type refiners are both continuous pulping equipment pieces that are suitable for a variety of high consistency refining applications in the paper industry.
    1. Double Disc Refiner Comes with a compact structure, high efficiency, low power consumption, high adaptability, easy operation and maintenance, a flexible adjustment and more.
    1. Coarse Refiner The ZSM series coarse refiner is a great choice for the coarse grinding of pulp raw materials and re-pulping of broke and waste paper. This paper mill equipment is also suitable for the refining of continuous fiber pulps such as cotton pulp, wood pulp and helm pulp.
Huaxia has also developed a wide range of pulp refiners for a variety of high or low consistency refining applications, including the double disc refiner, coarse refiner and others. Refining machines play a critical role in developing the fiber properties and the final paper properties. It also significantly affects the paper machine's running capability.