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Huaxia's 250 and 330 type refiners are both continuous pulping equipment pieces that are suitable for a variety of high consistency refining applications in the paper industry. The pulp refiners can also be used as high efficiency deflakers from regrinding rejects from the pulping system and defibering of the wastepaper. They both ensure a high production efficiency, low power consumption, less environmental stress, and more advantages.

Technical Parameters of the Refiner
Model 250 Type 330 Type
Diameter of plate (mm) Φ250 Φ330
Flow /H 3-15 3-20
Pulp consistency (%) 3-4 3-4
Inlet and outlet diameter (mm) φ80 φ100
Speed (r/min) 1470 1470
Power (kW) Y160M-4-11 Y180L-4-22
Dimensions (mm) (L×W×H) 1140×450×480 1600×580×680

Structure and Principle
Our high consistency pulp refiner mainly consists of the V-belt pulley, the reducer, and spiral feeding pipe. An asynchronous motor drives the reducer and achieves a spiral feeder. The refining system is mainly composed of the refining chamber, plate, movement adjustment device and coupling. The refiner conveys pulp fed through the spiral pipe to the refining chamber, and turn them into acceptable pulp by the refining plates.

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