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Screening Equipment

    1. Pressure Screen (Upward Flow) It can be widely used for coarse and fine screening of various wastepaper pulp as well as pulp screening before going to the paper machine, and features an unmatched working performance and reliability.
    1. Vibrating Screen (High Frequency) The high frequency screen is mainly used for coarse screening of paper pulps. It can screen, sort, and filter knots, paper pulps, dry lime, fillers, plastic film and non-digested material in the coarse pulp.
    1. Centrifugal Screen Improved from the CX series screen, our ZSL series centrifugal screen is used to screen a variety of pulps, including chemical pulp and wastepaper pulp. It is also used for the fine screening of stock for paper making machines.
    1. Pressure Screen (Inward Flow)This pressure screener is designed with an inward flow structure and is used for the fine screening of pulp for pulping systems and screening of pulp prior to entering the paper machines.
Having served the pulp and paper industry for more than 30 years, Huaxia offers a wide range of screening equipment, including thepressure screen, vibrating screen, and centrifugal screen. Thepulp screen plays a key role in paper machine broke treatment for removing trash accidentally introduced in the broke. Please browse the following pages for more information about our screening equipment.