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Dewatering Equipment and Thickener

    1. Screw Press (Double Screw), KSJ SeriesThis dewatering press is used for dewatering high temperature and high consistency black liquor generated from cooking the various pulps, such as straw, reeds, bamboo, cotton stalks, cotton flock, wood, and bagasse pulp.
    1. Disc Thickener Not only can this gravity thickener be used to thicken wood, cotton and straw pulp, it is also suitable for filtration and thickening applications in other industries.
    1. Screw Press (Single Screw) The dewatering machine is ideally used in the pulp and paper mill industry for black liquor extraction from cooked wood, bamboo, and straw pulps and an efficient thickening of wastewater pulp.
    1. High Speed Washer / Thickener This pulp washer comes with an extremely high removal efficiency of micro impurities in the pulp, such as ink particles, and fillers. It is ideal for washing and thickening recycled pulp of waste newspaper, account books, magazines and more.
Having served the paper and pulp industry for more than 20 years, Huaxia designs and manufactures a variety of diverse paper machines and pulp machines. We also manufacture dewatering equipment and thickener equipment, including single and double screw presses, disc thickeners, and a high speed washer.