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Screw Press (Double Screw)

, ZSJ Series

Capacity: 10-40 t/d
Shown here is the ZSJ series double screw press. It is a new generation of water treatment equipment designed and manufactured by Huaxia, together with scientific research institutions to reduce wastewater discharges of paper mills and achieve regulation standard discharges.

This screw press pulp extracts black liquor from fibers using a squeezing action. This can reduce both the bleaching process time, and number of times it has to be carried out, thus saving water consumption. It is a continuous pulp washing machine that can extract high consistency black liquor for alkali recovery while still sufficiently washing the paper pulp. Additionally, it can be used in the deinking process to squeeze out chemicals for easy bleaching.

Our ZSJ series screw presses are characterized by the small floor space, easy operation, less water and less power consumption. They are suitable for a variety of paper pulps, and numerous sets of screw presses can be used in the series to ensure a better effect.

Working Principle
Pulp enters the dewatering press through a stock inlet and is pushed forward by means of the bilateral rotation of the screw shaft. Since the blades and the main shaft of the screw shaft are designed with different diameters and different distances, the distance between screw blades from inlet to outlet become smaller and smaller. This enables the pulp to gradually become compressed in the stainless steel screen frame and allows the black liquor between the fibers to be discharged through the screen.

Technical Parameters of the Screw Press
Model ZSJ-250 ZSJ-400
Capacity (T/D) 10-20 20-40
Screw shaft diameter (mm) 270 400
Screw shaft rotating speed (r/min) 10-20
Inlet consistency (%) 7-11
Outlet consistency (%) 21-35
Reducer ZQ500-V-II ZQ650-V-II
Motor YCT250-4B/15 YCT280-4A/30
Weight (Kg) 3200 5500
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