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High Speed Washer / Thickener

Capacity: 40-200T/D
Our ZNGX series high speed washer and thickener is specially designed for washing and thickening purposes in the production of wastepaper recycled pulp, including deinked pulp. It is the most up to date model of wastepaper pulp washing and thickening machines.

This pulp washer comes with an extremely high removal efficiency of micro impurities in the pulp, such as ink particles, and fillers. It is ideal for washing and thickening recycled pulp of waste newspaper, account books, magazines and more.

Technical Parameters of the High Speed Washer
Model ZNGX500 ZNGX1000 ZNGX1500 ZNGX2000
Inlet consistency 0.5-1.5%
Outlet consistency 10-15%
Capacity (T/D) 40-50 80-100 130-150 180-200
Inlet diameter (mm) Ø150 Ø200 Ø 250 Ø 300
Outlet diameter (mm) 380×380 420×420
Screen width (mm) 547 1067 1499 1930
Motor power YCT250-4A/15KW YCT280-4A/30KW YCT315-4A/37KW YCT315-4A/45KW
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