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Screw Press (Single Screw)

Capacity: 10-30T/D
Backed by over 30 years of experience and based on the practical conditions of the pulp and paper industry, Huaxia developed the ZDJ series single screw press. The dewatering machine is ideally used in the pulp and paper mill industry for black liquor extraction from cooked wood, bamboo, and straw pulps and an efficient thickening of wastewater pulp. Years of use has proven the single screw press' ability to meet high consistency requirements and environmental requirements for black liquor extraction.

1. The pulp thickening and dewatering screw press uses a single screw structure that allows the outlet consistency to be adjustable and ensure a low fiber wastage rate.
2. Its single screw structure also comes with a large press capacity, strong defibering effect and high dewatering quality.
3. This pulp thickener is designed with a stainless screen plate structure that comes with a higher screen hole opening ratio and a smaller hole diameter, thus reducing fiber loss.
4. The screw press offers a simple structure, easy operation and maintenance, small floor space, easy installation and less energy consumption.
5. It reduces the time used to wash thickened pulps, saving water.

Working Principle of the Single Screw Press
After being cooked in the spherical digester or cooking vat, the pulp is fed into the dewatering screw press. Due to the press, the water or black liquor will be squeezed out. In addition, the pulps are defiberized because of the press.

Technical Parameters
Model ZDJ-315 ZDJ-425 ZDJ-560
Screw diameter (mm) ф315 ф425 ф560
Capacity T/D 10-15 15-20 25-30
Inlet consistency (%) 8-12
Outlet consistency (%) 35-42
Power (kW) 7.5 15 22
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