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Screw Press (Double Screw)

, KSJ Series

Capacity: 20 ~150t/d
Displayed here is our KSJ series new double screw press. This dewatering press is used for dewatering high temperature and high consistency black liquor generated from cooking the various pulps, such as straw, reeds, bamboo, cotton stalks, cotton flock, wood, and bagasse pulp. It consumes less water and electricity, reduces the washing time, and lowers alkali recovery costs, significantly improving customer's economic benefits.

Use with only one set of the pulp presses, or use with multiple sets in the series are both accepted. The latter ensures a better effect. In addition, the dewatering screw press can also be used to dewater white pulp for fibers.

Technical Parameters of Double Screw Press
Model JX-20t/d JX-30t/d JX-40t/d JX-60t/d JX-80t/d JX-100t/d JX-130t/d JX-150t/d
Capacity (T/D) 20 30 40 60 80 100 130 150
Motor power (kW) 18.5 22 45 55 75 90 110 132
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