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Detrashing Equipment

    1. Low Density Cleaner (High Efficiency)It is internally designed with a flow guiding device that allows the paper pulp to rotate after entering into the machine. This pulp cleaner has a 50% higher efficiency than a traditional cleaner.
    1. Low Density Cleaner, KDC Series It is characterized by a small floor space, easy operation, high purification efficiency, wear and pressure resistance, and a long service life.
    1. Reject Sorter When compared with other tail pulp screens, this reject sorter features an easier operation. In addition, the pulp detrashing machine comes with a high fiber recycling rate of 70% and a closed structure.
    1. Low Density Cleaner, 606 SeriesThis particular detrashing equipment is primarily used to remove light impurities from different types of paper pulp under high stock consistency, especially light impurities found in secondary fibers, such as plastic sheets, hot melt materials, wax, goo, ink particles and more.
Huaxia also supplies a wide range of detrashing equipment, including low density cleaners and reject sorters. The detrashing machines are used to remove contaminants from the pulp in the first stage of stock preparation processes.