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Low Density Cleaner (High Efficiency)

1% Consistency: 8-140 t/d.
4% Consistency: 15-276 t/d.

The HRZC series low density cleaner is mainly used for cleaning and purifying different kind of paper pulp. It is internally designed with a flow guiding device that allows the paper pulp to rotate after entering into the machine. This pulp cleaner has a 50% higher efficiency than a traditional cleaner.

The high efficiency low consistency cleaner can easily remove large, heavy, or light impurities, such as gooey mixtures, sand, paraffin, hot melt adhesives, plastic sheets, dust, foam, gas, iron scraps, ink particles and more from the paper pulp using a centrifugal principle.

Technical Parameters of the Low Density Cleaner
Model Capacity (T/D)
1% consistency
Capacity (T/D)
4% consistency
ZGC1 8-15 15-30
ZGC2 17-26 29-55
ZGC3 25-46 43-92
ZGC4 36-46 57-115
ZGC5 57-98 115-200
ZGC6 75-140 156-276
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