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    1. Hydrapulper This series of hydrapulper pulping systems is ideal for continuous or batch disintegrating of pulp board, broke and wastepaper.
    1. Horizontal Hydrapulper It is suitable for continuous or batch degradation of chemical pulps, semi-chemical pulps, pulp board and wastepaper.
    1. High Consistency Pulper The ZGS series high consistency pulper is mainly used for pulp board and is primarily used for pulp board and waste paper disintegration, broke and waste paper deinking, and pulp purification.
In the paper industry, a pulper is a machine used to crush virgin pulp, processing wastepaper, deinking and pulp purification. As a pulp machinery supplier, Huaxia offers a selection of hydrapulpers, horizontal hyrdapulpers, and high consistency pulpers. Feel free to continue to browse for more information about these repulpers.