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Horizontal Hydrapulper

The ZDS series is a horizontal hydrapulper, and has a capacity of 5-60t/d. The paper equipment is equipped with a disintegrating device that applies P and S Vokes rotors, and ensures a low energy consumption, but excellent disintegrating effects. It is suitable for continuous or batch degradation of chemical pulps, semi-chemical pulps, pulp board and wastepaper.

The horizontal hydrapulper is a necessary piece of pulping equipment for the pulping industry. It is ideal for fiber separation, pulp purification and roughing.

Technical Parameters of Horizontal Hydrapulper
Model Nominal volume (m³) Capacity (t/d) Sieve diameter (mm) Consistency (%) Motor power (Kw)
ZDS 1m³ 1m³ 5-10 6-20 2-5 11
ZDS 5 ㎡ 2m³ 15-20 6-20 2-5 22
ZDS 3m³ 3m³ 25-35 6-20 2-5 37
ZDS 5m³ 5m³ 35-45 6-20 2-5 45
ZDS 8m³ 8m³ 40-60 8-20 2-5 75
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