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Paper Machine for Specialty Paper

Huaxia also provides paper machines for the production of specialty paper, included regenerated leather, asphalt paper, grey board, sealing gasket paper and filter paper. The specialty paper is made from the leftover material of various leather, scraps from the buffing machine, waste fibers and more, which are first processed into pulp and then formed into a paper sheet with a width of 0.6-5mm on the fourdrinier table. After this, the paper sheet undergoes dewatering, pressing, drying, polishing, flattening, cutting, winding and packaging in the specialty paper machine.

The specialty paper production line is widely used for different leather products, including leather bags, belts, clothes, sofas, shoes and more.

Technical Parameters of the Specialty Paper Machine
Product: Regenerated leather
Grammage: 0.6~4g/mm2
Breadth: 1600mm
Working speed: 15~50m/min
Design speed: 80m/min
Rail distance: 2400mm
Driving method: AC Variable frequency speed control, sectional drive
Machine type: Heavy square box, with left and right machine available
Standard: International export standard

Main Structure
1) Headbox

The specialty paper machine comes with an open headbox composed of the taper pipe, stepped diffuser, rectifier roll and box. The top and lower lips of the slice are made of stainless steel, and the top lip can be adjusted both fully and locally.

2) Forming Section
The length of the fourdriner table is 12,500mm. With the exception of the bearing block, which is made of carbon steel, the table frame is welded from structural steel. The forming section of the specialty paper machine primarily consists of the breast roller, forming board, foils, suction boxes, vacuum couch roll, table roll, corrector, wire tightener and edge warping device.

3) Press Section
The press section is comprised of press rolls and dry belts. It uses one vacuum suction pickup roll and three suction rolls. The paper that comes from this section comes with a dryness of 40% or more.

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