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Paper Machine (for Household Paper Making)

    1. Tissue Machine

      It can serve as both a tissue paper machine and toilet paper machine, can used to produce roll toilet paper, facial tissue, napkin, paper towels and more, at a maximum speed of 300m/minute, a breadth of 1575-3600mm, and a daily output of 5-20t.

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    1. Rewinding Machine / Rewinder

      The fully automatic tissue rewinder is available with a double face embossing unit that makes the tissue softer, while keeping a uniform embossing effect on each face and firm lamination.

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    1. Napkin Folder / Tissue FolderThe paper folder can make small and easy to carry napkins and tissues through a series of processes including embossing, printing, cutting, and automatic folding.
Huaxia's paper machine for making household paper is comprised of the pulp making machine, paper forming, press, and dryer section, paper calender, and winding section. It uses local resources to recycle waste materials. For example, waste paper, wood pulp board, wheat straw, rice straw, timber, bamboo, bagasse, cotton and plants with fibers can all be used as raw materials in the paper production line to produce low, middle, and high end tissues, napkins, kitchen paper, boxed facial tissues, and more.