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Table Napkin Machine (for Napkin Folding and Embossing)

Huaxia's CJ-A table napkin machine is an improved paper machine that integrates the functions of the napkin folder and the napkin embosser. It can make square or rectangular table napkins through a slitting, embossing, and automatic folding processes. This embossing folder uses an electric counting method that ensures the accuracy of the sheet numbers and packing convenience.

The embossing roller on the table napkin machine uses a heating temperature control device that enables a clearer emboss on products. In addition, according to different needs, the napkin machine can be equipped with folding units for ¼, 1/6, 1/8 and other type folds. A variable frequency motor can also be equipped as per customer request.

Technical Parameters of Table Napkin Machine
Model CJ-A
Finished napkin unfold size 200×200mm~400×400mm (Other size needs to be specified)
Finished napkin fold size 100×100mm~200×200mm (Other size needs to be specified)
Web size ≤Φ1100mm
Folding speed 500~600 sheet/min
Paper tube diameter Φ76.2mm
Bottom embossing roller Felt roller, rubber roller, wool roller (Optional)
Counting system Electric counting
Power Depending on machine specification
Dimension Depending on machine specification
Weight Depending on machine specification
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