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Tissue Machine (for Box Facial Tissue Making)

At Huaxia, we offer tissue machines for bow facial tissues in 3 models, including the HC-200/4, HC-190/4, and the HC-180/4. These box facial tissue machines achieve a speed of 2,000 to 3,200 sheets per minute, and come with a high automatic control system comprised of the PLC controller, variable frequency motor, automatic folding and counting unity, human-machine interface with parameter input and a display function. With this control system, this tissue machine ensures a highly stable and reliable operation.

In addition, this paper making machine is easy to operate and has a high production efficiency. It can carry out slitting, trimming and folding synchronously, which reduces production processes and saves production costs.

Embossing - Slitting - Cross cutting - Folding - Hinged type rectangular folded tissue

Main Features of Box Facial Tissue Machine
1. Unreeling Stand

A horizontal, pneumatic double shaft unreeling stand comes with an independent tension control device to make it easy to adjust the unreeling tension of different paper, considerably reducing labor strength.

2. Auto-Stop Function
This paper converting machinery will automatically stop when the paper is broken, or there is no paper. Because of this, it will not generate any waste.

3. Embossing or Border Embossing Device
Due to the embossing device, this tissue machine can produce a wider range of products and can therefore meet the requirements of different product quality levels.

4. Flexibility
The paper equipment can simultaneously fold tissues in different widths. A flexible slitter enables the slitting width to be adjustable between 100 and 210mm.

Technical Parameters of Box Facial Tissue Machine
Model HC-200/4 HC-190/4 HC-180/4
Finished tissue unfold size 200×100~210mm 190×100~210mm 180×100~210mm
Finished tissue fold size 100×100~210mm 95×100~210mm 90×100~210mm
Max. web width 840mm
Max. diameter of paper roll Φ1100mm (Other size need to be specified )
Paper tube diameter Φ76.2mm
Embossing unit No emboss or steel-steel embossing (Optional)
Border embossing Stand alone pneumatic type (need to be ordered)
Parameters setting Human-machine interface
Speed 2000 ~ 3200 sheet/min
Vacuum system Two 7.5KW vortex vacuum pumps
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