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Napkin Folder/Tissue Folder

The SP-B napkin folder or tissue folder that Huaxia manufactures, uses a vacuum suction folding method. The paper folder can make small and easy to carry napkins and tissues through a series of processes including embossing, printing, cutting, and automatic folding.

The napkin folding machine, also used as a tissue folding machine is known for its stable operation, tidy folding and fast working speed. The length of the napkin to be folded ranges from 68mm-110mm. Our napkin folder is designed with a double color flexo printing function that allows it to print different patterns and trademarks.

Technical Parameters of Napkin Folder
Model SP-B
Speed 750~ 800 sheet/min
Raw paper size ≤Φ1100mm
Folded paper size L:68-115mm W:50-53mm
Embossing device Steel to rubber embossing
Vacuum system One 3Kw vortex vacuum pump (Custom provides)
Power 1.5Kw
Printing method Flexo printing
Printing ink Water soluble ink
Printing plate material Aniline
Machine size 4000×800×1350mm
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