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Rewinding Machine / Rewinder

According to the degree of automation, our tissue rewinding machine can be divided into fully automatic and semi-automatic types. The fully automatic tissue rewinder comes with a computer control system.

Raw paper size ≤1575-3600mm
Capacity 125~250m/min
Power 7.5~11Kw
Dimension 6300×2500×1500mm
Weight 3000~7600kg

Semi-Automatic Tissue Rewinder
The semi-automatic tissue rewinding machine relies more on manual operation. With only a slight difference in the operation conversation, there is very little difference between this and the automatic rewinder.

Fully Automatic Tissue Rewinder
Using computer programming technology, the fully automatic tissue rewinding machine achieves an automatic change of the paper tube or coreless roll paper, and auto gluing, sealing, and trimming. This reduces labor intensity and increases the product quality.

Main Features
1. The fully automatic tissue rewinder is available with a double face embossing unit that makes the tissue softer, while keeping a uniform embossing effect on each face and firm lamination. This paper converting machinery is ideal for processing rolls for kitchen use. In addition, the end product comes with 15% or more weight reduction than those with the same size, but a single face embossing.
2. Therewinding equipment can be equipped with special units for a complete and quick switchover between coreless, solid, and hollow tissue rolls. This change over is optional according to customer requirements.
3. Our tissue rewinding machine can synchronously complete automatic trimming, gluing, sealing, and roller drawing out, enabling the paper to smoothly enter the slitter and packaging unit without sheet loss. Because of this, it can improve the production efficiency and product grade.
4. This tissue rewinder uses a pneumatic belt paper feeder. It is designed with tension control devices for unwinding rollers and each paper roll.

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