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Tissue Machine

Huaxia produces high speed tissue machines in various models. This paper machinery is ideal for making different varieties of household paper in a nominal grammage of 13-30g/m² from wood pulp board, waste paper, timber, bamboo, rice straw, bagasse and other pulp. It can serve as both a tissue paper machine and toilet paper machine, can used to produce roll toilet paper, facial tissue, napkin, paper towels and more, at a maximum speed of 300m/minute, a breadth of 1575-3600mm, and a daily output of 5-20t.

The tissue machine is designed for a single story workshop layer. It should be fully installed on the workshop floor. We offer a wide selection of tissue making machines, in different models, including 1092, 1575, 1760, 1880, 2100, 2400, and 2800. Relevant equipment can be equipped according to the basis weight, speed, output and other parameters.

Features of the Tissue Machine
1. The wet end consists of the machine frame, breast roller, correct roller, tension roller, and running roller. It has no vacuum suction part, thus avoiding wear to the forming wire and extending its service life.
2. The tissue machine applies a number of taper tubes to feed pulp and rectifier rolls to form the paper web. The pulp is fed from the drive side and flow back from the work side, with a backflow rate of 10%.
3. There is no couch roll pit at the wet end, and a pickup roller is not needed, which means no operator is necessary.
4. Water is removed by two suction boxes and dried in a group of dry cylinders. The paper dryness is up to 92-94%, and the final paper is wound by a winding machine.
5. The paper winding machine is normally installed on the end of the tissue machine. It is equipped to work with a paper reel stock rack, which can store a φ2800 paper reel and can transport it directly to the unreeling stand of the rewinding machine.

Technical Parameters of the Tissue Machine

Nominal grammage 13~30g /m 2
Paper sheet width 1092-3600mm
Capacity 2~20t/d
Design speed 300m/min
Working speed 150~180m/min
Rail distance 2400-5000mm
Drive mode Sectional drive, AC variable frequency speed control
Power supply 380V±10, 50HZ
Steam pressure 0.5Mpa (working pressure: 0.5Mpa)
Steam cylinder arrangement mode Left or right (as per user's need)
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